The roots of King Voodoo came from their various influences in the rock and grunge scenes, a Liverpool based band brought together by their lead guitarist Ian Johnson.  In March 2019 King Voodoo started writing music with a view to stand out and create music that will make you feel the groove and sing along to. Jamie Suffield brings the deep soulful vocals powered by unbreakable harmonies, with seamless song writing adeptness that reaches into the dark truth of life.  The rhythm section starts with Joshua Carvell on the bass adding depth and fulfilling runs that lock in with the time keeper Matty Biggs on Drums.

The Band have made a lot of noise in such a short period of time, with their first gig in front of 500 Hells Angels and were quickly booked up for other motorcycle club events.  They have recently landed gigs with bands like Collateral, Piston, Revival Black, Chasing Dragons, Rocket Dolls and Midnite City. This follows on from past experiences with their last bands 12 Gauge, They’re coming to get you Barbara, BDV and Rain May Fall.  During this period they supported acts like Fozzy, Tyketto, Chris Slade (ACDC) Ritchie Kortzen, Electric Six, Coldspell and Stone Broken to name a few.

In 2020 King Voodoo are following up there first release with an album with a tour to follow later in the year which also includes playing festivals throughout the year including Valloween, Forged in Fire (Liverpool and Wales), Dollfest, Woodfest before finishing the year off in Hard Rock Hell.

So see for yourself what spells King Voodoo are casting, and be more voodoo.